• Lootbox

    Begin with a Big Win!

    Welcome to Jack Poker - do we have a surprise for you! When you make your first deposit, you can win big with our Welcome Lootbox. Not only will you get a guaranteed 25% rakeback, you can also win up to a whopping...

    1000% Instacash $500 Bonus Bonanza Ticket 300 Freespins

    3 easy steps to an incredible start:

    1. Quick & Simple registration
    2. Play the Welcome Lootbox minigame. Find the Jacks to win BIG!
    3. Make a deposit and get your hands on your colossal rewards

    At Jack Poker you can win even before you play!!!

  • The Big Bang Sunday
    The Big Bang Sunday

    All beginnings start somewhere and we want you to get your month off to a flyer with our Big Bang Sunday tournament!

    On the first Sunday of every month we will run our new tournament offering a $30k prize pool for just $30 direct buy-in. Not only that - you can also even qualify for free! We will run satellites in the week leading to the event and you can even win tickets to the satellites or Big Bang Sunday tournament in one of our freerolls!

  • Deposit Booster
    Deposit Booster

    Get amazing bonuses with every re-deposit. For each deposit you get to spin the wheel of fortune for a chance to win up to 1000% of your deposit. Everyone gets a minimum bonus of at least 10%, so even if you miss the jackpot you are still a winner!

    Note: The promotion applies to deposits of $10 or more. Prize is credited to the bonus balance. You can play as if it’s real money in cash games of Jackpoker, but you can not withdraw it without wagering. Bonus money is wagered with rake: $5 will be credited to your real money account for every $20 paid in rake.
    If deposit is withdrawn then any remaining bonus will be annulled. After the bonus is laundered, you can withdraw it.

  • MonteCarlo VIP
    MonteCarlo VIP

    For all holders of Jack's permanent VIP card in NL and PLO5 games, the Monte Carlo Jackpot is awarded to the player who shows the strongest hand at showdown starting from three of a kind or better.

    To win these jackpots with three or four of a kind, you must use both pocket cards. Example: If one player has a straight flush and another player has a royal flush, in this case jackpot payouts go to the player with the strongest hand. Monte Carlo Jackpot payouts in NL: Three of a kind: 1-2 big blinds of the table; Straight: 2-3 big blinds of the table; Flush: 4-5 big blinds of the table; Full-House: 6-8 big blinds of the table; Four of a kind: 17-20 big blinds of the table; Straight flash: 25-30 table big blinds; Royal flush: 60-70 table big blinds.

    Monte Carlo Jackpot payouts in POL5: Flush: 1.2 - 1.6 big blinds of the table; Full-House: 2 - 2.5 big blinds of the table; Four of a kind: 5 - 6 big blinds of the table; Straight flash: 9 - 10 table big blinds; Royal flush: 20 - 22 table big blinds.

  • Bad Beat JackPot
    Bad Beat JackPot

    When your luck’s out, Jack helps out! Get up to $2000 back with new Bad Beat JackPots!

    Lady Luck doesn't always smile down on us but Jack thinks that's no reason to ruin your favorite poker game. Bad Beat JackPot payouts:

    NL cash games — if you lose from trips, you get 15 bb; PLO cash games — if you lose from flush, you get 15 bb; PLO5 cash games — if you lose from full house, you get 15 bb.

  • Jack’s Pals
    Jack’s Pals

    Jack knows that nothing beats playing Poker with your mates, but we’ll beat that by giving you awesome rewards for bringing your crew to the tables.

    Jack’s refer-a-friend programme gives your bankroll a boost for every Player you introduce, and it’s simple to use – invite your friends via your referral link, and Jack will share their rake with you, over a whopping $1000 Instacash for every Friend.

    For each friend, no matter if it’s one friend or 100’s from your followers, you will get:

    Tier 1. $20 Instacash for the first $15 in rake generated by your friend.

    Tier 2. $150 Instacash for the next $100 rake generated by your friend.

    Tier 3. $1000 Instacash for the next $800 rake, generated by your friend.

  • All in or Fold
    All in or Fold

    Introducing Luck or Muck, the newest way to play all-in or fold NLH.

    Jack’s newest game is fast, simple and of course full of thrills — you’ll need to make just one decision every hand — and it’s a tough one, to trust your luck and go all-in or chuck the cards and muck.

    This 6 max all-in or fold game delivers No Limits Hold’em action from start to finish, with starting stacks fixed at 100 BB and 10BB Antes to ensure every game will have you on the edge of your seat!

  • Leader Hat
    Leader Hat

    The Leader's Hat Competition is an extra Tourney reward that’s designed to encourage risk and showcase the beauty of the game The competition starts at the 15th hand after the start of the tournament. There are two types of Leader's Hats:

    Knockout Leader Hat:

    • Awarded for the most knockouts throughout the tournament and counted at the beginning of every hand;

    • A knockout is zeroing your opponent's stack in hands where you are the winner;

    • The winner of the Knockout Leader Hat Competition is the player who has the most knockouts during the whole tournament.

    Chipleader Hat:

    • Awarded for the highest chip stack in the tournament and counted at the beginning of every hand;

    • The winner of the Chipleader's Hat competition is the player who had the highest number of hands with Chipleader's Hat.

    Important call-outs:

    • The competition ends at the moment when only two players are left in the tournament;

    • A player can wear both Hats at a time. It is also possible that a player wins two competitions at once;

    • There may be more than one winner in each Leader Hat Competition;

    • Track your current place in the Leader Hat competition through the leaderboard;

    • The reward for any victory in a Leader Hat Competition will be a ticket to the tournament;

    • See the tournament description for details.