Rake is a commission that players pay to the platform for organizing the game and the opportunity to use its playground. Rake is calculated differently for cash-games and tournaments:

For cash games our rake is 5% of the pot size and is fixed by the maximum value, which depends on the selected limits and the number of active players at the table (CAP). We use the Weighted Contributed Rake method - most honest and accurate. It involves redistributing the rake according to the contributions of the players. For example: if one of the players contributed $20 to the pot, and the others $40 each with a rake of $2, he will be charged a rake of $0.4, while the other players will be charged $0.8. Only postflop games are raked, so if a hand ends preflop no rake is taken.

In tournaments, the rake is taken one-time along with the buy-in and is equal to 10% of the cost of the ticket itself. Usually, the buy-in in tournaments consists of 2 parts: the main amount, which goes to the prize pool of the tournament and the registration fee. For example: $4.95+0.55. You can find out the rake amount for a particular tournament directly in the tournament lobby.

In JackSpin tournaments, the rake is 6% of the buy-in value.

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